Do you want to work with an experienced Chef and in a enthusiastic team?

Ready to explore the new wave of Modern Middle Eastern cooking running through Amsterdam? 

 We are looking for YOU:


- Sous-chef / junior


- Chef de parti / Zelfstandig kok


- Kok mise en place


- Help in service



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Bar Bachrach is a restaurant in Amsterdam and run by the owners of Restaurant Wilde Zwijnen which they have successfully run for over 13 years. By the end of 2021 they started Bar Bachrach with the experienced Argentinian chef from Tel Aviv Yaniv who has a preference in the Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern kitchen. 


Together we decided Bar Bachrach should be: home of Modern Middle Eastern cooking with Home made bread, dishes with the finest herbs, preparations of vegetarian, vegan, fish and meat, raw or cooked. Yaniv has experience in kitchens in the Middle East, US and Europe. He has a big interest in other kitchens, and a lot of knowledge.We are very ambitious and are looking to expand our opening hours, and we have more plans in the future so we are looking for more team members.